About Oil

The Benefits of Heating Oil

Whether you know it as “Oilheat,” "heating oil," "fuel oil," or "#2 oil," heating oil is the clean, dependable fuel that folks in New York State trust for complete comfort.

  • Heating oil is safe as it can only be ignited by an advanced burning system in your oil burner or furnace.

  • Oil supplies can meet demand. Regardless of global political unrest and/or natural disasters, there is still an over-abundance of crude oil, confirming notions that world oil reserves can and will last for a long time. With over 36 oil-producing countries, we are not dependent on any one nation or region for our oil supplies.

  • Heating oil is clean and dependable. In New York, today's heating oil contains no more than 15 ppm of sulfur content and contains at least 5% of biodiesel, a renewable resource produced from agricultural byproducts and food oil waste.

  • Heating oil is energy-efficient. Efficiency ratings of new oil-fired boilers and furnaces range from 83 percent to 95 percent, and can have an average life expectancy of 30 or more years (assuming annual maintenance). Upgrading your heating oil equipment to a more energy-efficient system can lower your energy costs by up to 30 percent, pays for itself over a short time, adds value to a home, and provides satisfying, efficient warmth.

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